Andrew Murphy is an accomplished designer, illustrator, inventor, sculptor and publisher. Born in 1967 in Illinois, his interest in art was developed from almost the get-go. Whether with crayons or pencil, he is always ready to sketch and create. He graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art with a degree in design.  

Artist Statement:
Whether planned or just by mere wondering, everyone walks a path. You start at one point and wake up at another. The question is “What was gained and gathered during this time?” Hopefully memories, experiences (good and bad), knowledge, emotion or a muddled combination make up the mix. Like a filing cabinet, my brain squirrels all these little gems and blips for later consumption and understanding…… Over time, maybe a day, a month, or even years later, my brain works away on these thoughts making connections whether literal or abstract. Eventually it comes down to a notion that has to be scribbled onto paper and visualized. Some thoughts come out the tip of my pencil like they were trapped there the whole time waiting to come life and my hand is just taking orders. While other thoughts start conjuring about as I draw. But sometimes, the planned thought gets hijacked and changed up and the new idea jumps the line and takes over. It now becomes the focus and that’s ok. The planned idea will always be there for later visualization because it was already understood, but the unexpected may vanish so it’s better to follow that stream of consciousness when it appears.  
So what is the focus? It depends on the mood, the reason for expression and the means or media needed to do such. Sometimes, it’s through painting, drawing or sculpture—or all three. No matter the media though, there is a sense of depth and dimension—and that is my fingerprint whether planned or not. It’s just how my mind thinks. 
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